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Focal Automation Merges with Phoenix Energy Services Inc.

In January 2020, Focal Automation merged with Phoenix Energy Services to establish a more diverse and distributed Automation and Controls team.

Focal Automation was established in 2006, and have been involved in control system programming, commissioning, and facility start-up for an expansive range of projects including: Oil/gas production facilities, battery stations, compressor stations, turbo expanders, dehydration systems, SCADA systems, waste water stations, water lift stations, water disposal stations, water softening skids, condensate blending systems, meat processing facilities, upgraders, steam-assisted-gravity-drainage, well-pad measurement, and more.

Focal Automation has had the opportunity to work on many projects with our clients and have developed excellent relationships and have extensive client references. The Focal team brings a solid, skilled group of automation specialists and engineers who have the skill set to complete any project with confidence, assurance and within budget.

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