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Industrial Safety Service & Personnel

Our highly trained personnel provide a wide range of skills for all aspects of H2S Protection, Confined Space Entry, Breathing Air Supply and Monitoring, Gas Monitoring, High Angle Rescue, Safety Supervision, and Project Safety Coordination.

  • Safety Advisors - NCSO/OH&S/CRSP

  • Project Management - Coordinators

  • Rescue Technicians - Confined space/high angle

  • Safety Technicians - CSE/Breathing air, gas detection, fire watch

Our team of personnel provides best in class service for various needs and industrial settings including: safety coordination, planning, turnaround and construction projects, and day-to-day field operations. We maintain and operate under strict Codes of Practice and provide leadership and expertise to you and your team, on and off site.

  • Safety Specialists (CSE monitoring)

  • Confined Space Rescue

  • High Angle Rescue Equipment & Personnel

  • Fire Fighters/Fire Watch Equipment and Personnel

  • Support Trailer (QA/QC), distribution trailers, Office trailers

  • Portable Gas Monitoring

  • Fixed Gas Monitoring (OTIS)

  • Fit Testing - Quantitative 

  • Decontamination Services (Safety showers)

Phoenix Energy Technicians having an on-site safety meeting
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