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We are committed to providing the highest quality work in the industry, and we continually offer training to our staff in order to keep them at the forefront of their field of specialty. Each of our staff members is highly skilled and driven to achieve excellence in their work, completing jobs safely, on time and within budget.

In the Community

We support the communities in which we do business.

Phoenix Energy is committed to supporting local communities in which we do business. To be able to help in communities that we operate in is truly humbling and gives a great sense of pride.


Our belief is that in order to be successful, you can’t forget the people and communities that helped you get there. Being charitable is at the forefront of our social responsibility and we strive to be a company that communities can always depend on.

Indigenous Commitment

Phoenix Energy was established in May 2014 as a majority owned and operated Indigenous company.

We incorporate local and Indigenous-owned businesses in our projects, but more importantly, we work to create strong community relationships that allow for local employment opportunities, and build customer partnerships that align with this core value.

Through mutual respect and cooperation between all partners, Phoenix Energy works to the advantage of all stakeholders. Because we work on land that is frequently part of traditional Indigenous ownership, it is of the utmost importance to us to cultivate respect between Phoenix and Indigenous communities everywhere, and to develop relationships that foster not only positive communication, but also promising and lucrative careers.