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Many owner/operators consider a control system upgrade to be an intimidating undertaking. Working with Focal Automation will increase your efficiency and, in some cases, save you from costly future repairs. We want you to consider your technology pain points and let us solve them for you with our fist class team of automation personnel and innovative recommendations.

Migration Strategy

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Migration Planning

Step 1 –Comprehensive System Review

Focal Automation does a thorough overview of your current system to first determine which components need to be replaced. There may be times when a simple PLC replacement is enough to address obsolescence concerns. Other times, it would be advantageous to do a more thorough control system upgrade.

Step 2— System Mapping

It is important to have some firsthand knowledge of what connects to which controls; however, we will work with you and your team to develop a solid understanding of how your system operates from a control systems perspective.  

Step 3 – Downtime Assessment

Focal will assist you to make an honest assessment of how much downtime will be required during the upgrade procedure. There may be times where there is a redundancy in place that needs to be repaired. If at all possible Focal will ensure there is limited downtime to your systems to ensure accurate data tracking is maintained.


Step 4 – Design Upgrade Phases

We will create an outline and complete plan for the control system conversion. Included will be a review of your system and help determine which pieces of functionality would be best to group together as a phase in your overall conversion plan. In most cases this means creating phases that focus on upgrading a specific portion of your control system. Phases can be in the form of replacing one PLC of many in your facility, moving one small sub-system (control of a small portion of your plant) from an aging PLC to a new PLC, or converting just a few graphic screens.

Migration Advantages

Reduced Cost of Ownership
Enhanced System Performance
Strategic Planned Cut-Over
Rapid Implementation
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