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At Phoenix Energy we believe in finding the best possible solutions that will save you money and increase uptime. Through efficient and accurate troubleshooting, we can save you the hassle of repeat site visits and unnecessary parts replacement which can occur when the root cause of the problem is not found. One of our dedicated maintenance technicians will help you find system inefficiencies and eliminate potentially costly fixes to failing equipment.    

  • Preventative Maintenance programs

  • Plant shutdowns, turnarounds, and start-ups

  • Fire and gas detection system installation, maintenance, and calibrations

  • Variable Frequency Drive repair, maintenance, and programming

  • Procurement services

  • Instrumentation and electrical tool rentals

  • Customized equipment for complete electronic and pneumatic calibrations

  • Field configuration of all end devices

  • Compressor panel inspections

  • Charging system inspections


A maintenance technician grabbing the necessary tools for the job
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