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Phoenix Energy brings together a very unique set of skills in the industry.  We specialize in EI&C Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Automation. By utilizing Phoenix Energy from the start of a project, you can be assured Cost & Schedule certainty along with Accountability to the project. The technical personnel Phoenix Energy has available represents our ability to fully support the execution of your project.  We understand that successful execution relies on schedule, cost oversight and collaboration between teams throughout the project.

Engineering Advantage

Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions
Collaborative Approach
Collaborative Approach
Turnkey Solutions
Turnkey Solutions

Complete EPC Design Build Projects EIC 

Complete EPC Design

EPC Assurance

Phoenix Energy's Engineering Procurement Construction model for EIC
  • Improved risk management

  • Reduction in claims

  • Single point of responsibility 

  • Transfer risk from the project to the EPC

  • Fewer changes & implementation simplified

  • Reduced administration burden by owner

  • Cost savings & certainty on price

  • Fit for purpose design 

  • Seamless RFI review

  • Lump sum, fixed cost for entire project

  • Efficiencies from design and construction expertise working together 

  • Opportunity for innovation and faster project delivery

  • Increased flexibility to address change in conditions

Electrical Engineering Design and Drafting Services

At Phoenix Energy, we partner the engineering and construction groups at the onset of a project to work closely together to develop a succinct package with the only cost escalation coming from changes to the project or material price escalation.

Phoenix has the proven ability to develop innovative solutions in today's market while managing the design and schedule risk.


The EPC process supports communication & collaboration while establishing responsibility that the project is executed to the client’s satisfaction, every time.      


  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction for EIC

  • Turnkey Buildings

Electrical Engineering Design & Drafting Services

Design & Drafting

Our EIC, Engineering & design group is skilled with an array of drawing packages related to area classification, power, and control systems. We utilize our in-house field experience to ensure constructability is top of mind during the creation of the package.      

Power System Studies

To increase system performance and employee safety, Phoenix Energy can complete Power System Studies on low, medium and high voltage systems where clients can rest assured that their site complies with all applicable standards.

At Phoenix Energy, we can take care of the following:      


  • Load Flow

  • Short circuit studies

  • Arc Flash Studies

  • Protection Coordination

  • Harmonic Analysis


We also provide relay programming for switch gear based on requirements found in the Power System Study. 

Area Classification & Fugitive Emission Studies 

Electrical Area Classification (EAC) is the process of determining the existence and extent of hazardous locations in a facility. Phoenix utilizes Fugitive Emission Studies to reduce hazardous areas from Zone 1 to Zone 2 resulting in ease of installation and cost savings.

Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Phoenix Energy encompasses the design, build and management of systems that are used in a range of modern industrial settings. We are able to perform the following:    


  • Control System Design

  • DCS, PLC, RTU, Historian, HMI, SCADA Design & Implementation

  • Control system SAT & Commissioning

  • Control Narrative Development

  • Shutdown Key Development

  • HAZOP Study Participation

  • Flow Measurement Design and Specification

  • Instrumentation Index and Data Sheet Development 

  • Alarm Management and Rationalization Strategies

  • Field instrumentation

  • Process controls system such as: pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic & microprocessor (PLC & DCS),

  • Safety related systems; ESD, F&G and HIPPS

  • SCADA systems such as fiber optic, microwave, satellite, etc.

  • Custody transfer metering systems

  • Pipeline management systems

  • Automatic tank gauging systems

  • Oil &  Gas wellhead control systems

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