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We are committed to continually improving our level of service and providing our staff with the ongoing training they need to be leading edge.

Phoenix Energy is driven to provide impeccable work and an exceptional level of customer service on each and every job. People matter to us, so we strive to listen, learn and understand our clients in order meet their needs and exceed their expectations. When clients call, we answer. When they visit our offices, we’re there to greet them. We welcome every professional challenge as an opportunity to continuously improve and produce tangible results our clients are completely satisfied with. We aim to be the propelling force that drives our industry forward, continually raising the bar on standards for workmanship, safety, efficiency and professionalism.

Hard work is what we’re made of. Phoenix Energy was founded during one of the province’s most challenging economic times, and through flexibility, adaptation, and a deep desire to succeed, we were able to push through adversity and thrive. We know what it takes to grow a business, and we never take our clients for granted.

Our clients trust us with complex projects because we have developed the most highly trained tradespeople in the business. We provide the training and mentorship our people need to be top level performers at what they do, and we back our work with service support that’s available 24/7. When Phoenix Energy is on the job, your company has the peace of mind that comes with responsive professionals who are ready at all times to resolve issues, answer questions and ensure things get done in the most cost effective way.

Historical Timeline of Phoenix Energy
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