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Industrial Hygiene

Having contaminants on your site can be detrimental to a project and we want to ensure a safe working environment for all involved.  Let Phoenix Energy test and evaluate your site for possible health hazards.

Maintaining a healthy work environment is not only the right thing to do but it ensures efficient operation and improves profitability. Our industrial hygienists and safety specialists work to identify and minimize risks associated with occupational health hazards while enabling our clients to focus on their operations.

Whether it is indoor air quality, biological or chemical hazards, noise, or other workplace health threats, we have the expertise required to deal with workplace exposures, navigate regulatory requirements, and ensure healthy and safe operations for our clients.

  • Sound Surveys and Map development

  • NORM Assessments/Surveys

  • Benzene Assessment/Sampling

  • Worker task-based Sampling

  • Facility EHS Audits

  • CSE Pre-Entry Assessments

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