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We maintain a complete inventory of safety equipment for on-site use and rental purposes. We incorporate and apply new technology to our systems and provide first class equipment in our rental equipment fleet. Certified Technicians conduct regular inspections and function testing to ensure equipment safety. Technicians ensure all quality control requirements of the manufacturer and the legislation are met.

Phoenix Energy can provide clients with the safety equipment to get any job done safely and effectively. We offer a broad range of safety equipment to support turnaround/shut down projects, plant and site commissioning, new construction and more.

  • Breathing Air Skids

  • Air Trailers

  • Office Trailers/Generators

  • SCBAs & SABA

  • High Angle Rescue

    • Tripods

    • Rescue kits

  • Fixed Gas Monitoring Equipment (OTIS Systems)

  • Personal Gas Monitors (Gas Clips) Quad and Pump models

  • Industrial Hygiene Equipment (NORMS Meters, Benzene Meters, Sound Meters etc.)

  • Fall Protection Equipment

  • Intrinsically Safe Air Movers

  • Defibrillators

  • Road Block Kits

  • Confined Space Kits

  • Purge Monitors

  • CSE Kits,

  • Radios etc..

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