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A SCADA technician optimizing a virtual environment on-site

What makes Phoenix Energy stand out when it comes to SCADA? It is our strong capability to leverage public and private infrastructure to provide lower total cost of ownership SCADA Systems.

We have accumulated a vast amount of experience with centralized systems and are also leading the industry in running these systems in critical and virtual environments.

The primary driver of implementing a centralized solution is to take a proactive approach to operations. Clients strive to optimize their assets by enhancing production & reducing operational costs, i.e., is the operation simply running or is it running optimally? By centralizing the application and placing the system next to other corporate business systems, producers make a conscious effort to streamline automation initiatives, aligning the total impact of these technologies across the business to achieve greater results and share best practices.


Running systems in a virtual environment will ultimately reduce cost and resources used for on-site workers and potentially decrease incident rates. Virtualized environments are usually housed in data bunkers which offer on-demand access to information about your asset via uninterrupted service guarantees.

SCADA Advantage

Employing centralized SCADA Systems allows for sharing costs among your enterprise with providing one larger system to support your operational needs. This in turn allows for centralized maintenance, standardization enforcement and high availability.

Connection to your other enterprise data systems then becomes effortless, as only one link and channel needs to be maintained, lessening internal resources required to manage your application.

​Phoenix has affiliations with mission critical data centers to provide high availability solutions.

Some advantages are:

  • Wireless device will be isolated from the internet, increasing security and reducing costs.

  • simplified administration of access to corporate servers from wireless devices.

  • Heightened service levels with options for redundancy and connection monitoring.

We utilize SCADA-Hacker fundamentals providing Cyber-security standards when private systems require encryption in public networks.

A SCADA technician optimizing a virtual environment on-site

SCADA Solutions​


  • CygNet

  • Wonderware

  • ClearSCADA

  • Ignition - Inductive Automation

  • OASyS

  • RealFlex

  • FactoryLink

  • ABB

  • DeltaV

  • Telvent


  • ZED.i

  • Honeywell


  • Citect



​Licensed and Unlicensed

  • Radio Frequencies

  • Zigbee

  • Spread Spectrum

  • IEEE 802.11/Wi-Fi

  • Satellite

  • Ethernet

  • 1X

  • CDMA, HSPA, FTE modems

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