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Major Overhauls 

Phoenix Energy uses genuine OEM parts which are available 24/7 throughout Western Canada. We offer many specialty tools including: 

  • Pruftechnik Optalign Laser Aligner

  • Video/Picture Boroscope

  • Portable Emission Analyzer

  • Portable roughness tester

  • Waukesha and Caterpillar Overhaul specialty tooling

  • Waukesha laptop interfaced engine programming (ESM)

  • Caterpillar ET with DDT 

What We Offer: 

  • Accurate quoting and cost tracking of major work

  • Major equipment upgrades

  • Waukesha Series 2 to Series 4 as INNIO moves to discontinue Series 2

  • Upgrades to meet the increasing demand for lower emissions

  • Waukesha Series 5 & REM Vue AFR Conversions

  • Block Inverter for safe crank inspection and replacement

  • Full-Service shop for local accessory rebuilds

A major overhaul using genuine OEM parts
A major overhaul in progress
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