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Rough Environments & Industrial Communications go hand in hand. Exposure to chemicals, vibration, equipment wash downs and extreme temperatures results in major environmental challenges when implementing a security system in an industrial application.


In addition, the infrastructure and operating systems of these environments are of a critical priority, which means the architecture of all network systems needs to be carefully designed with redundancy in mind to maintain operational integrity and minimize the risk of any downtime in SCADA or other network communication systems.

Server rack used in the security system of a project

Need Speed & Reliability?

Increased demands for data collection, high speed inspection, tracking, and video surveillance are driving the need for improved performance of industrial networks. Our experience in ethernet network infrastructure, industrial communications, and cyber security can help clients realize the full potential of existing automation investments.


Our solutions:

  • Leverage and protect clients automation infrastructure.

  • Apply technology support for industrial communications, networking and control.

  • Deliver a deep and wide industrial product offering including networking, power, security, and protection.

Focal is experienced in network infrastructure and industrial communications:

  • Support for industrial communication issues, networking, and process control

  • Deliver a wide range of industrial products including networking, power, security, and protection.

  • Data collection, high speed inspection, tracking, and video surveillance


From fiber optic to self healing wireless mesh networks, we are on the forefront of modern network solutions. ​Wireless mesh networks provide both redundancy and self healing as each node in a mesh network is connected to at least one other node and uses intelligent routing to find other nodes in the event the network loses its primary connection. 

​Focal Automation is able to utilize any network protocol that best fits the needs of the client. We are able to support:

  • Allen Bradley

    • (DF1, DH+,DH485, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet I/P, MNET, CIP)

  • FOUNDATIONFieldbus

  • Barton ScanCom

  • Modbus +

  • Hart

  • Ethernet

  • ProfiBUS

  • ProfiNET

  • BSAP

  • DNP3.0


  • Modbus ASCII/RTU

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