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A critical component of successful turnarounds are qualified, experienced, and competent safety personnel. We strategically select safety technicians with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience essential to the success of the project.

Phoenix provides you with all the Safety resources you need in one call, eliminating the need for multiple vendors on site.


We recognize the need for a well-executed plan before performing turnarounds and Phoenix Energy is here to help. We will collaborate with you and can provide the following:

  • Confined Space Hazard Assessment Plans - Developed by CRSP personnel

  • Needs Assessment Planning and Coordination

  • Full line of industrial Safety Equipment & Certified Personnel

  • Safety Professionals - On-site Safety Support

  • High Angle Rescue support and rescue plan development

  • Medic and Administrative Support

  • Fire Suppression Units/Industrial Fire Trucks

  • Site Orientations & Access Control

  • Equipment QA/QC & Distribution trailers

  • Safety Supply & Distribution

As a leader in industrial safety services, we collaborate and work with our clients to ensure that all safety measures are taken to eliminate losses by utilizing processes that result in safe and efficient Turnaround.  


By using Phoenix Energy during your start-ups, shutdowns and turnarounds, you can improve safety compliance, quality control and accountability; have round-the-clock access to equipment and trained personnel; achieve maximum asset utilization; reduce initial capital investment; and reduce administrative burden.

Phoenix Energy Turnaround team hard at work

Integrated Solution

A single point of contact is assigned to handle your needs and requirements, ensuring all safety-related matters are steered in the right direction while you keep focusing on your core business. All our safety solutions are managed in-house, allowing us to offer our customers a fully integrated and complete solution.


Phoenix Safety has the programs, new technology, methodologies and personnel you can trust to provide you with the safety support you need during critical turnaround and shutdown periods. We have a proven track record and extraordinary working relationships with companies to improve safety, quality control and accountability when it is needed most.

Our Process

At Phoenix, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of your needs on-site. We will send the highest trained personnel to ensure a safe and successful turnaround every time.

Phoenix Energy Turnaround team preparing for action
Phoenix Energy's 8 step turnaround procedure
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