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Cyber Security IT / OT Protection & Design

It is no secret that there are criminal organizations whose sole duty is to steal your information and ultimately, your money. Prevent this from happening to your business by measuring and understanding your risk.

Keep your company’s assets and valuable data protected from cyber hazards.

Connectivity in today’s world is of paramount importance, however, the threats are becoming more and more complicated with attacks that are more precise, agile and complex in nature. Cyber Security threats will challenge operations, the protection and safety of employees and digital assets. 


Cybercriminals have created the demand for superior advances in information security practices, which drives the need for qualified information security staff. Our highly skilled team has assisted our clients with decades of technology implementation, security assessments, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, security advisory and incident response projects.

At Focal, we know that the challenges in cyber security can be overwhelming and intimidating when it comes to evaluating your current or new system to protect yourself. There is defense in depth. By taking a layered approach using different technologies or management controls we can ensure a safe network protocol for your valuable systems.

An organization must ensure that its information security measures provide the best defense against cyber attacks. Every organization is unique, each with its own distinctive risks and threats, which requires a comprehensive security program that is designed to the environment that it resides.

Focal Automation has worked with many facilities to design and improve HMI systems. Our HMI systems will get data from the field to operations with incredible efficiency, operability, and functionality.

A Phoenix Energy Cyber Security and OT protection technician working on a system
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