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How Phoenix manages Quality to ensure a seamless project every time.

The purpose of a strong quality management system is to ensure every time a process is performed, the same information, methods, skills, and controls are used and applied in a consistent manner. If there are process issues or opportunities, this is then fed into the quality management system to ensure continuous improvement.

ITP is a formal control tool to ensure that stakeholders quality requirements are met throughout the project. This is done by identifying all major steps of a construction project from start to finish and turnover to ensure all specific controlling documentation is followed, verified, and signed off both by the Client and Phoenix.

Quality Assurance – provides an outline of auditing our site and team per project to confirm internal quality processes are followed consistently through all Phoenix installations and projects. Assurance is also to identify that our QA/QC personnel are qualified and trained to ensure success on the project.

Quality Control - This is used with the ITP, and our exhibits are used to correct, confirm and inform our team of all installation processes, ensuring the proper processes are followed.

Quality Procedures - These are step-by-step processes to guide our staff to a proper installation, these are used as support to manufacturers' guidelines.

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