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The Only Name in Safety

At Phoenix, we have always valued principles over profit. After working on multiple sites across western Canada, we kept seeing the same industry challenge over and over again – companies were settling for the ‘status quo’, with safety, and quality of work becoming dependent on profit margins and rushed timelines. At Phoenix Energy Safety, we don’t cut corners, especially when it comes to safety. This is why we started our Safety Services Division - to change the level of service in the industry and provide the highest quality work without sacrificing the safety of our people, our partners or the job at-hand.

Phoenix Energy Safety was founded on the premise of making worksites safer and saving lives by providing the most skilled professionals in industry. Our medical personnel have many years in this industry, witnessing both safe and unsafe work practices and emergency situations. These experiences are the drive behind our commitment to delivering consistent and successful industry-leading safety services. They have also shaped our passion for helping our clients and protecting their most valuable assets - their people.

Our team of personnel provides best in class service for various needs and industrial settings including safety coordination, planning, turnaround and construction projects, and day-to-day field operations. We maintain and operate under strict Codes of Practice and provide leadership and expertise to you and your team, on and off site.

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