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At Phoenix, we recognize the importance of supporting all aspects of ESG and strive to be a leader in its principles. As ESG guidelines continue to evolve, we are committed to adjusting our practices and policies to ensure Phoenix continues to improve the project landscape we live in.


Phoenix strives to provide innovative solutions for our clients in order to help them meet the demands of changing environmental standards and the needs of local ecologies and communities. Our highly trained technicians and management team can help companies meet government standards while still reducing costs.


Protecting Canada's natural environment is a national concern. Phoenix Energy Services shares that concern and is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment while managing our operations economically and efficiently.


We take responsibility in upholding this commitment by:

  • Complying with applicable environmental law, industry standards, and our own policies.

  • Making environmental considerations an integral part of our planning process.

  • Operating our vehicles and facilities in a manner that protects the environment.

  • Identifying and mitigating the adverse impacts of our operations on the environment in keeping with good environmental and business practices.

  • Remaining sensitive to the concerns of the public.

  • Responding to environmental emergencies in a prompt and efficient manner.

  • Committing sufficient resources to ensure that our employees are fully informed of their responsibilities and are trained to protect the environment while performing their duties.


The health of our communities and environment is a priority, and we look forward to helping clients meet and exceed not only government-mandated regulations, but your own environmental goals as we undertake projects together.



Phoenix’s greatest asset is our people, who have organically shaped a strong corporate culture where inclusion, diversity, engagement, learning and innovation have become hallmarks. We incorporate local and Indigenous-owned businesses in our projects, but more importantly, we work to create strong community relationships that allow for local employment opportunities and build customer partnerships that align with this core value.


As Phoenix is an Indigenous owned company, ensuring that Indigenous principles and values are honored within our ESG contributions is of utmost importance. Phoenix will continue to evolve by incorporating knowledge, values and shared goals from Indigenous partners and communities into our internal social fabric. 


Phoenix enjoys the value and benefit of partnerships with Indigenous communities in which we live and work. Phoenix Energy supports our partnerships and community in the following ways:


  • We recognize Indigenous groups as rightsholders who have a distinct relationship with the land.

  • We respect the values and knowledge of Indigenous Peoples and their Communities.

  • We are committed to engaging and consulting in a meaningful respectful and inclusive manner to provide progressive benefits by developing and fostering trust.

  • We believe in partnering with local and Indigenous groups to identify and support Community led reconciliation initiatives and establish mutually beneficial relationships between Phoenix and Indigenous Peoples and Communities.  

  • By cultivating strong respectful relationships, we can help create lucrative and supportive work environments for Indigenous Peoples.

  • Community investment will contribute to long-term improvements in quality of life and help foster a healthy environment conductive of sustainability.

  • We understand the importance of reconciliation and are committed to applying the principles of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 92nd call to action into our corporate policy and core operational activities.


Phoenix strives to continually evaluate and improve our systems to ensure we are managed in the best interests of shareholders, employees, community, and industry. We are diligent in ensuring ESG risks and opportunities are integrated into our long-term corporate strategy. This ensures that project integrity is paramount through standards and procedures that encourage and ensure best practices.



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