Industrial Safety Services & Personnel

Industrial Safety Service and Personnel

Our highly trained personnel provide a wide range of skills for all aspects of H2S Protection, Confined Space Entry, Breathing Air Supply and Monitoring, Gas Monitoring, High Angle Rescue, Safety Supervision, and Project Safety Coordination.

  • Safety Advisors - NCSO/OH&S/CRSP
  • Project Management - Coordinators
  • Rescue Technicians - Confined space/high angle
  • Safety Technicians - CSE/Breathing air, gas detection, fire watch
  • Certified Technicians

Our team of personnel provides best in class service for various needs and industrial settings including safety coordination, planning, turnaround and construction projects, and day-to-day field operations. We maintain and operate under strict Codes of Practice and provide leadership and expertise to you and your team, on and off site. We maintain a complete inventory of safety equipment for on-site use and rental purposes. We incorporate and apply new technology to our systems and provide first class equipment in our rental equipment fleet. Certified Technicians conduct regular inspections and function testing to ensure equipment safety. Technicians ensure all quality control requirements of the Manufacturer and the Government are met.

  • Safety Specialists (CSE monitoring)
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • High Angle Rescue Equipment & Personnel
  • Fire Fighters/Fire Watch Equipment and Personnel
  • Support Trailer (QA/QC), distribution trailers, Office trailers
  • Portable Gas Monitoring
  • Fixed Gas Monitoring (OTIS)
  • Fit Testing - Quantitative & Qualitative
  • Decontamination Services (Safety showers)

Phoenix Energy offers a variety of safety services in Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Calgary, and Grande Cache, and surrounding areas.

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