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Introducing: Electrical & Instrumentation

Phoenix Energy provides leading Electrical & Instrumentation services to various industries that require their plants to be either built with a turnkey solution or retro fitted to their needs. Big or small, we have the expertise and experience that sets us apart from the competition, allowing us to execute your project flawlessly. We offer the most disciplined and dedicated personnel, driven by our safety principles and robust employee culture. Our approach is to complete your project safely, on time and on budget.

Read on to see some of the services we are ready to provide:


Our staff are experienced and ready to provide electrical and instrumentation construction services in a variety of applications such as:

  • Oil batteries and gas plants

  • Oil and gas wellsites

  • Compressor Stations

  • Pump Stations

  • Commercial

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining

  • Petrochemical

  • Power generation

  • Pulp and paper


  • Preventative Maintenance programs

  • Plant shutdowns, turnarounds, and start-ups

  • Fire and gas detection system installation, maintenance, and calibrations

  • Variable Frequency Drive repair, maintenance, and programming

  • Procurement services

  • Instrumentation and electrical tool rentals

  • Customized equipment for complete electronic and pneumatic calibrations

  • Field configuration of all end devices

  • Compressor panel inspections

  • RTU/PLC reloading

  • RTU/PLC edits

  • History retrieval

  • Charging system inspections


Our experienced staff are ready to provide commissioning services in fields such as:

  • Gas Compression & Processing

  • Heavy & Conventional Oil

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining

  • Petrochemical

  • Power Generation

  • Pulp And Paper

  • Oil And Gas Plants

  • Oil And Gas Wellsites

Modular Buildings:

Our team of professionals can design and manufacture all types of modular buildings, specific to your needs.

  • MCC Buildings

  • Separator packages

  • Pump Packages

  • VRU Packages

  • Compressor Packages

  • Process Buildings

  • Line Heater & Treater Buildings

  • Generator Packages

  • Control Rooms

Control Panel Assembly:

Custom CSA approved control panels can be built for any project, including:

  • Large SCADA solutions

  • Small RTU packages

  • PLC systems

  • DCS and VFD panels

Combustion Services:

  • Full burner code upgrades

  • Burner panel support

  • CSA B149 Reporting

  • Preventative maintenance programs

Measurement & Metering:

  • Gas meter calibration

  • Bench liquid meter proving

  • Bench gas meter proving

  • Field meter proving

  • LGR testing

  • 24hr service


  • Gas plunger optimization

  • PLC/RTU programming optimization

  • Plunger box optimization

  • Specific well tuning & optimization

  • 24hr service

Equipment Rentals:

  • Hart communicators

  • Calibration equipment

  • Process meters

  • Chart recorders

  • Pressure testing equipment

Shop Services:

  • Pump sales & repairs

  • Valve sales & repairs

  • Device calibration & repair

  • Actuator repairs

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